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Project Terra Firma of Canada (tf.) (Project Terra Firma du Canada) is a registered Canadian charity focused on building critical water and renewable power infrastructure in developing communities for the world’s most disadvantaged.

Since 2008, Terra Firma (tf) has delivered more than US $3 million in capacity-building professional services through our purpose-built teams, which consist of experienced, volunteer advisors. Our volunteers have worked for and/or consulted some of the world’s most recognizable global brands.

Our overarching vision is to help build critical infrastructure in developing communities for the world’s most disadvantaged poor. We are currently focused on building critical, long-duration water and renewable power infrastructure in Mozambique. Our water (18 sites) projects will deliver ~1.7 billion glasses of clean, safe water to roughly 1 million people in Mozambique over the next 30 years.

To operationalize our vision, we recruit purpose-built team(s) for each project. Each team is led by experienced investment, business, and engineering professionals, who are tasked with delivering specific capacity-building “work tracks” on a 100% volunteer basis. We run lean and we expect to allocate at least eighty-five percent (85%) of donations to direct project costs over any 3-year period.

Our water (and renewable power) projects support the United Nations’ Sustainability Goal 5 and Goal 6

Goal 5 is focused on achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls. Women and girls bear the burden of searching for (and carrying water for) their families. The UN estimates that women and girls spend 200 million hours each day, forgoing schooling, and other economic opportunities.

Goal 6 is focused on ensuring the availability (and sustainability) of water and sanitation. Water is not only vital for life. It is also a critical, foundational building block for health and long-term economic prosperity. Without access to safe water, families and communities are locked into a perpetual cycle of poverty. We believe that access to clean, safe water is a basic human right.

Marco Di Girolamo, the Founder of Project Terra Firma of Canada (tf.), has served as a donor, consultant, volunteer and Project Team Leader on several capacity-building projects in Kenya and Mozambique over the last 16 years. He continues to leverage his global relationships to execute on the overarching vision for the charity.

Project Terra Firma of Canada (tf.) and Operation Water (OW) have established a partnership to finance and operationalize water  projects globally. 

OW, under the leadership of Ryan Phillips-Page, has developed key local relationships, which are critical to developing water and renewable power infrastructure. OW intends to be a self-sustaining, self-funding 501(c)3 water infrastructure developer, receiving a 5% development fee upon financial close of any green-lit, funded projects.

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