Catalyst Club

The Catalyst Club is a society of diverse yet like-minded individuals who share the courage, foresight, and generosity to affect dramatic humanitarian impact. The Catalyst Club meets regularly in cities around the world to bring awareness to the global water crisis and share their common vision.

Catalyst Members believe that access to water is a both a moral and economic imperative. Catalyst Member donations and pledges provide mission-critical, interim operating capital to help fill short-term project funding gaps prior to long-term project financing.

The economic benefits of investing in water and sanitation are considerable. The WHO estimates that for every dollar invested in water and sanitation services, an economic return of US $4.3 is generated due to reduced health care costs and greater participation rate and productivity in the workplace. 

The agriculture sector, which is the primary economic driver in most emerging countries, also places significant demand on water and by extension, power. Responsible water resource management is key to safeguarding irreplaceable ecosystems. 

Our mission is to deliver water and renewable power  infrastructure to the greatest number of people in need, at the lowest cost per person, by developing sustainable, scalable, long-duration water and power infrastructure.

Providing access to clean water reduces mortality and morbidity rates significantly while alleviating malnutrition, gender inequality, and disparities in economic opportunity.


We are interested in engaging talented business leaders and professionals who can help us tackle project-specific capacity-building activities directly related to implementing our critical water and renewable power infrastructure projects.

We would like to connect with like-minded professionals with skill sets in finance, engineering, operations, legal, and other disciplines.

Please email us at express interest and tell us about yourself.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”


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We are always looking for creative, talented individuals to join our team