Our Projects

We are developing sustainable, critical, long-duration water (and power) infrastructure assets to deliver 1.7 billion glasses of clean water to roughly 1 million people, including 240,000 children in Mozambique.

Our current project is based in Mozambique and will deliver 1.7 billion glasses of safe, clean water to roughly 1 million people.  Clean water will help alleviate malnutrition, gender inequality, and disparities in economic opportunity. Women, girls, and children are most negatively impacted by the global water crisis.

In Mozambique, roughly 49% or 13 million citizens do not have access to clean water and the social progress index (for access to improved sources of water and sanitation) ranks Mozambique 128th and 119th, respectively, out of 135 countries.

We have engaged the local government entities to develop critical, scalable water infrastructure projects on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis. We are leveraging our financial, business and technical skills, working directly with government officials, utilities, law firms, financial institutions, and contractors to implement our project.

Operation Water (501c3), our development partner, recently signed a historic, 30-year concession agreement with the Government of Mozambique to deliver water to eight sites (Phase 1). This is the first water concession agreement in the country. We are now moving into the financing and development stage of our project.

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