Chimbunila, Mozambique


Current Population
(2020) (people)


Under the age of 15


Cups of Water
(US) by 2040 (1m3 = 1000000 ml)

Chimbonila is village at the seat of the district of Chimbonila, a district in the province of Niassa, in Mozambique. It has a border, on the north with the districts of Lago, Sanga and Muembe, on the west with Lake Niassa and with Malawi, on the south with the district of N’gauma and on the east with the district of Majune. Chimbonila Village has an estimated population of 32,740 inhabitants (2020) and has a projected population of 48,317 inhabitants (2040). Roughly 48% of the population is under 15 years old.

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